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......@@ -171,11 +171,128 @@ $ beads parse machine1.bead controller2.json -l java -v -re -bd ../code/generate
# and placing the generated code from both files which will be java code into ../code/generated
Open the GUI:
All commands related to the Graphical User Interface are bound to 'gui':
$ beads gui [options]
# Options
$ beads gui
-b / --background # Run the gui in the background without opening a window
-p / --port # Run the gui on the specified port. Default: 8000
-v / --verbose # Run the gui in verbose mode. Default: false
--file FILE # Run the gui and load the provided FILE. Needs to be a valid json representation of a state machine.
# Examples
$ beads gui -v -p 11000
# Run the gui in verbose and on localhost:11000
$ beads gui --file ./stateMachine.json
# Open the gui and load the provided stateMachine.json to display upon loading
You can set some commandline options as default values that will be considered without having to provide them on the commandline. Providing options via commandline however will overwrite defaults.
$ beads options [options]
# Options
$ beads options
-s / --set-default OPTION VALUE # Set the default VALUE for OPTION
-u / --unset-default OPTION # Unset the default value for OPTION
--unset-all # Unset all currently saved defaults.
--show # Print a list of available Options and their data type
# Examples
$ beads options --show
# First prints all available options and then the overview of all currently set defaults
$ beads options --set-default language python
# Sets the default language used to generate code to python
$ beads options --unset-default language
# Unsets the default value of language
$ beads options -s port 11000 -s language java -u verbose
# Multiple -s / -u can be provided with one call:
# First unsets --verbose, then sets --port to 11000 and --language to java
$ beads options --unset-all
# Clears all saved default options
### 4. Using the Graphical User Interface
<a name="gui"></a>
The Graphical User Interface allows the drawing of simple fine state machines. You can draw states and transitions and save the whole graph in different file formats. A tutorial is available within the GUI!
All further functionality should be self-explanatory and is properly visualized in the gui.
### 5. Supported file formats
<a name="formats"></a>
State machines can be provided in textual representations. Currently there are two file formats that are supported by **Beads<sup>©</sup>**:
+ JSON: file.json
+ BEAD: file.bead
**Json format**
To provide a state machine as a JSON file follow the schema below:
Three attributes are required:
+ A **name** for the machine
+ A list of **nodes** with an "ID" representing the states
+ A list of **transitions** with "from" and "to" referencing nodes, and a "label"
To declare a state as the initial starting state append '"start":true' to the node.
"name": "NAME",
"nodes": [
{"id":"ID1", "start":true},
"transitions": [
{"from":"ID1", "label":"TRANS1", "to":"ID2"},
{"from":"ID2", "label":"TRANS2", "to":"ID1"}
**Bead format**
As an easy-to-write alternativ to json files we accept **.bead** files that adhere to the following format:
#! name:NAME start:ID1
The **.bead** format is transition based. All transitions follow the schema:<br>
The name and the starting point are optional and can be declared as key:value pairs in a config comment on the top of the file.
The comment has to start with '#!' and is followed by a whitespace.
Parsing of **.bead** files will extract all referenced states so they do not have to be declared separately.
......@@ -188,8 +305,8 @@ We are building an open source lightweight tool for commandline usage with the f
from os import path, listdir
# General
VERSION: str = '0.0.2'
VERSION: str = '0.1.0'
TOOL_NAME: str = 'Beads'
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ README = (HERE / "").read_text()
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