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# Simple State Generator
Projekt zur Erzeugung von Code aus Fine State Machines.
# Simple State Generator
**Autoren**: Jakob Baatz, Pavel Nepke, Rico Possienka, Marco Wenning, Adrian Wuillemet
## Userguide to Testing the tool
### 1. Requirements
The following requirements need to be installed on your system:
+ Python 3.x.x
+ Chrome or Chromium
If you do not have those installed you can download them here: [Python]( & [Chromium](
### 2. Setup
To get the pogram up and running open a terminal and follow the steps below:
First: Make sure you have the proper version of Python installed:
$ python --version
Python 3.7.3
Running the command should print something like the example python version. If a version of 2.x.x is printed try:
$ python3 --version
Second: To make life easier we recommend creating a temporary alias by doing the following:
$ alias ssg="python"
#or if both versions are available
$ alias ssg="python3"
Then checkout the source code and navigate to the source/package directory. If you do not mind installing python libraries globally on your system
skip the first three commands:
# create a virtual environment for testing
$ python3 -m venv .
$ source bin/activate #Linux/Mac
$ .\Scripts\activate.bat #Windows
# install all python dependencies [this may take several seconds]
$ pip3 install click eel python-interface
# checkout the source code and navigate to the right folder
$ git clone
$ cd stategen/source/package
Now you can start testing the tool!
### 3. Running commands
You can now test the tool by running the following commands from the commandline:
# with alias ssg in place, other substitute ss with python3
$ ssg --help
# from here on you can navigate with all information provided by the help function.
# For convenience here are some things to try out:
$ ssg languages
$ ssg parse somefile.txt --language javascript -v
Projekt zur Erzeugung von Code aus Fine State Machines
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$ ssg gui
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