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#65 Finish up Makefile

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# converts the sass file to css
sass --scss sass/gui.scss beads/resources/ui/css/gui.css
sass sass/gui.scss beads/resources/ui/css/gui.css
# converts ts file into js
# converts ts files into js
tsc -b ts/
......@@ -20,9 +20,11 @@ all:
# installs d3 types & converts sass and ts files
npm install @types/d3 --prefix ts/
pip install eel markdown click
make all
# opnes the gui
# opens the gui from source folder
python3 beads/ gui
......@@ -32,14 +34,8 @@ parse:
# converts testfile.json into python code
python3 beads/ parse files/testfile.json --language python
python3 beads/ parse files/testfile.json files/testfile.bead --language python
# runs the tool with the given command, options etc.
python3 beads/ $(command)
# installs python libraries
# installs d3 types
# converts sass and ts files
echo "not ready"
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